Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Mountain of Debt

Brown's Bankrupt Britain has a nasty habit these days of breaking records, not the good ones but the bad ones relating to the size of debt.

Sure enough, as is becoming the norm, another record has been broken. In October the UK Government had to borrow £11.4BN. This is the worst monthly figure since records began in 1946.

Tax receipts fell by £4.1BN, compared with October 2008, and spending increased by £4.5BN.

The total public sector net debt now stands at a staggering £829.7BN (59% of GDP).

Certainly the figures are not good, most certainly if the government does not come up with a credible plan to show how it will rein in the debt external and internal confidence in the UK will evaporate; the situation will become far worse, as Sterling will collapse and high achievers/businesses will uproot and leave the country.

However, the ability of the current government to set up a credible plan is limited by a number of factors:

1 Time, an election has to be held by May 2010.

2 Gordon Brown will need to play to the gallery of public opinion in order to try to win the election, any plan that sets out tax rises and spending cuts will not be aviable to fight an election on (in Gordon Brown's eyes).

3 Gordon Brown doesn't have a credible plan.


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Ken, bear in mind that some "terrorist" emergency will more than likely defer the GE indefinitely. Also don't forget that as we are now citizens of the EUSSR "national" elections are now meaningless. Considerable glee may nevertheless be extracted from one A Bliar being dumped, probably because he was supported by none other than our glorious "Save the World" PM.

  2. Kenny, I object strongly to your number two: Like Hitler in the testicular department, Gordon Brown does not have 'eyes' as you so plainly spake; he is the veritable 'One-Eyed Son of the Manse' and don't you forget it! The world to the Prime Mentalist is as a Cyclops! Mono and morose. Kapeech?