Thursday, November 05, 2009

Financial Prisoners

Keith Morgan, head of wholly owned investments for UKFI, gave evidence to the Treasury Select Committee yesterday. He painted a bleak picture for those hapless 85% of Northern Rock borrowers trapped in the wreck of that once respected bank.

Seemingly they will become financial "prisoners" when they are assigned to Northern Rock's "bad" bank.

Some 476,000 mortgage borrowers (some of whom were foolish enough to borrow up to 125% of their property value) will be transferred to the "bad" bank (hereinafter called Northern Rock Assets Management), because they will be unable to remortgage elsewhere.

Approximately 10% of the loans are in arrears.

Gordon Brown, in rare display of decision making and speed, is rushing to return the "good" part of the bank to the private sector.

For why?

So that the Tories cannot claim credit for doing so, when they win the election next year.

Hardly a noble motivation!

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