Friday, December 20, 2019

Andrew Bailey To Be Governor of The Bank of England

Thursday, December 19, 2019

NatWest Bank Error In My Favour

Well this is a first, a bank error in my favour.

Natwest have written to me telling me that they have identified errors on fx charges on some of my international transactions between March 2010 and May 2014.

I have received a refund of £86 including interest and net of tax.

Now here are three questions:

1 Why has it taken so long for this error to be identified and quantified?

2 How many other people have been affected, and at what cost to NatWest?

3 Have other banks also made erroneous/inaccurate fx charges?

Bank of England Audio Hacked and Sold To Hedge Funds

Fucking shameful!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Advice To Hotpoint

Washing machines are meant to be wet, not on fire!

Oh and fix your website too!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Trump Folds

The Economic Owl of The ECB

Thursday, December 05, 2019

France is Fucked

HSBC's 40% Usury Fee

That is a very high rate for a "reputable" bank!

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

No Deadline On China Trade Deal

It would seem that, at best, the world economy will drift aimlessly for the next year or so!