Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Banks Win

One way or the other the banks were going to win the case for charging "excess" fees for overdrafts.

In the event that they had lost their appeal at the Supreme Court, they most certainly would have started charging for all bank accounts (irrespective of whether they were in credit or not).

As it is, millions of bank customers hoping to be refunded overdraft charges have been dealt a major blow by a Supreme Court judgement.

The court has overturned earlier court rulings that allowed the Office of Fair Trading to investigate the fairness of charges for unauthorised overdrafts.

Notwithstanding this result, I guarantee that banks will start to introduce account charges (one way or another).

I would make one other observation, the banks claim that their charges are for the risk and effort taken by them wrt supplying an unauthorised overdraft.

Fair enough!

However, has not the British taxpayer provided the banks with billions in the form of an unauthorised overdraft in order to bailout the banks as a result of their gross mismanagement of their businesses?

Therefore does not the British taxpayer have the right to levy charges (high ones) against the banks?

What goes around comes around!

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