Monday, November 23, 2009

Brave New World

Richard Lambert, the Director-General of the CBI, has seen the future and it looks "different".

That will be the thrust of the message that he will deliver today at the CBI's annual conference.

The central theme of his address will be that the recession has forced businesses to undertake a fundamental rethink of how they operate, raise finance and to cut the shackles of their past reliance on banks for providing finance.

Lambert will also say that businesses will work to create a more flexible workforce.

The lecture forms the backdrop to the publication by the CBI of "The Shape of Business — The Next Ten Years".

Lambert argues that the new "norm" will be for a more collaborative, less transactional world. Businesses will work more closely with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

The sharp eyed amongst you will observe that banks and politicians have been left out of the above list.

Hardly surprising, given that the politicians and banks are largely responsible for the current financial quagmire; and have come up with precious few practical initiatives for the future economic well being of this country.

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