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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Playing Politics With People's Lives II

Earlier today I wrote the following:

"Samaras, continuing to play politics for the benefit of the domestic audience, will (if his spokesman is to be believed) sign and send the commitment within 24 hours.

Playing politics may be all very well sometimes, unfortunately in this particular case he and others are playing politics with people's lives

Unfortunately it is not just Greek politicians who play politics, but Greece's paymasters in the Eurozone.

It appears, according to leaks emanating from the Eurozone bunker, that today's finance ministers' teleconference will discuss delaying the Greek bailout until after the results of the April election.

Although a bridging loan will probably be provided, ministers intend to withhold the full bailout until Greece votes in favour of austerity.

This of course is naked political blackmailing of a sovereign state by an unelected body, ie dictatorship by the back door.

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