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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Fake Papademos Meeting - Greece To Exit Euro

Yesterday, amid a welter of political theatrics and meeting postponements, I wrote the following:

"Oh, if anyone actually cares anymore, the Papademos meeting (which of of course is pointless without a draft of the document to be "agreed") has been postponed again.

Latest estimate for them meeting is 21:00 (19:00 GMT).

As I said
earlier this morning:
"Stay tuned, I guarantee that there will be more theatrics and that his meeting will be postponed again.""

Can you guess what happened yesterday children?

Yes, that's right, the meeting was postponed to today.

Can you guess what is happening now children?

Yes, that's right, today's imaginary meeting has been put back from an imaginary start time to another imaginary start time.

Oh, but today's theatrics don't quite end there.

For your see children, today's meeting is in fact going to be postponed to tomorrow (where of course it will be postponed again).

Now, many of you may be asking why does Papademos keep doing this?

The answer is simple, he knows that it will be political suicide to impose the Troika's conditions on the Greek people; he is looking to exit the Euro (as I wrote yesterday). Until he finds a way of exiting the Euro, that saves his political hide, he must play for time and pretend that an agreement on the deal is close at hand.

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