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Monday, February 27, 2012

The New Greek Treaty of Versailles

Gregor Gysi (parliamentary group leader of the Left Party) has just addressed the Bundestag, during the debate about the Greek bailout plan, and has compared the Greek bailout plan to the Treaty of Versailles:

"Bei der Krise in Europa greifen wir zu Versailles anstatt zu Marshall...."

"The crisis in Europe, we resort to Versailles instead of Marshall.."
Evidently he has been reading this site, as I said much the same thing two weeks ago:

"Let us be clear that the 50 page "agreement" (written in English) that the Greek political establishment has to agree, in order to receive Euro 130BN, will (if it is accepted) have the same consequences for Greece as the Treaty of Versailles did for the Weimer Republic"

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