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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Movable Feast That is The Papademos Meeting

The much vaunted, much postponed, meeting between Greek Prime Minister Papademos and the leaders of his political "allies"/"supporters" wherein they will allegedly agree to the Troika's demands has become something of a movable feats.

Originally scheduled to resume yesterday, it was postponed to this afternoon.

An hour or so ago the major news networks were stating that the meeting wpould be around 1pm, that was then moved to 4pm.

The latest "guestimate" is that the meeting (if it ever occurs) will be at 8pm.

Incidentally, there are rumours that as today is a general strike in Greece, Papademos's driver hasn't shown up to work. As such lets us trust that the meeting is at his house, otherwise he may well be late!

Stay tuned, I guarantee that there will be more theatrics and that his meeting will be postponed again.

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