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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

US Frets About Grexit Into Arms of a Bear

As the ongoing Greek tragedy nears its logical conclusion (capitulation by Syriza or Grexit), the USA is becoming increasingly worried about the consequences of a Grexit.

President Obama has pushed the Eurozone to "lighten up" on Greece, noting that there has to be a plan for growth if Greece is ever to pay down its debts and dig itself out of its own self constructed hole.

Senator Bernard Sanders has gone one better, and suggested that the Fed bail Greece out.

Whilst the concern of the US for the welfare of Greece and the Euro may appear to be altruistic, not all may be as it seems.

The US knows that Russia is waiting in the wings to use this crisis to her advantage. Loans offered by Russia to Greece could be made in exchange for the rights to set up bases etc in the area. In other words Russia would use Greek as a pivot into Europe, something the that US has sleepless nights about.

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