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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Greece Welcomes The Bear's Embrace

Ahead of today's Eurogroup meeting, wherein Greece will not be offered an olive branch, by happenstance Greece's Foreign Minister Nikolaos Kotziasis is in Moscow cosying up to the Russian bear and looking for money.

Whether or not he succeeds in finding a Russian backer, Greece's actions and pronouncements on the subject of changing the terms of the bailout have pissed everyone off and ensured that whatever the outcome Greece (a member of Nato) will be treated as a pariah nation by all and sundry in the West.

Given that the newly elected government of Greece is made up of Communists, Marxists and Nazis it is hardly surprising it has come to this state of affairs. The Greek people have elected a government that has turned the country into a pariah state. It is time to lance the boil and expunge Greece from the Eurozone.

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