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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Eurozone Taxpayers Defrauded By Greek Bailouts

Unsurprisingly yesterday's Eurogroup meeting ended in fractious failure, with the Greek side leaking the proposed draft agreement put forward by Greece's creditors which Greece rejected absolutely.

Like it or not there was no chance of an agreement, given that Greece is now being led by a Communist, Trotskyist, Nazi coalition.

Add to that the fact that Greece hasn't got a cat's chance in hell of paying back its debt, or even servicing it, and it is clear to one and all that no viable agreement can ever be negotiated.

The money is gone, and the taxpayers of the Eurozone have been royally screwed by their governments (who claimed that the bailouts were viable).

A new "deadline" of this Friday has been set. Even if an "agreement" is reached, I can guarantee that it will not be viable; and that the taxpayers of the Eurozone will once again be asked to roll over and divi up more money to be thrown into the financial blackhole that is Greece.

Like it or not, Greece is going to leave the Euro; whether it is now or in a a few months time.

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