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Friday, March 15, 2013

ECB To Recruit 800 More Staff

The many millions of people in the Eurozone who have been made redundant because of the policies of the ECB need fear for their futures no more, the ECB is planning to recruit more staff.

Unfortunately the ECB will only be recruiting 800 more staff, paid for out of the pockets of the hapless European taxpayers.

For why does the ECB need to increase its headcount?

In December EU finance ministers agreed to make the ECB chief supervisor for banks in the Eurozone, the deadline for full implementation of the supervisory role being March 2014, thus the ECB believes that it needs extra staff in order to fulfill its new role.

The new supervisory powers of the ECB are one further step towards full monetary union. Those who are recruited would be advised to be aware that, despite the hubris of the politicians and technocrats, the Euro experiment will end in tears, as such their roles cannot be seen as anything more than temporary.

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