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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Diesel-Boom's Master Plan

As the markets ready themselves for the mother of all bank runs, as and when the banks re-open in Cyprus (I cannot see that they will open before Easter), the apparatchiks of the Eurozone have also been making plans.

The Slog reports that Diesel-Boom has a plan all ready to go live, that will impose capital controls within the Eurozone that will prevent people moving money out of the Eurozone:
"A plan is ready to go, and has been since January.

But the FinMins have yet to discuss it – not that this will make much difference. Now he’s in the Eurogroup driving seat, Dijsselbloem has become a prime mover in all this”.
As the Slog notes, Diesel-Boom has no clue as to the way markets work. He studied agriculture at University, took a masters in it at UCD, and then became a local councillor before moving onto the national political scene in the Netherlands.

Cyprus is the Eurozone's Czechoslovakia (betrayed by the Munich Agreement in 1938).

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