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Monday, March 11, 2013

Bankers' Pay Unfair

A global survey of 619 bankers carried out by Selby Jennings revealed that 67.2% of bankers were “unhappy with their overall remuneration package” for 2012. In London the figure was slightly better, a "mere" 63.9% were dissatisfied.

Even when asked to take into account current market conditions, 48.4% stated that their pay was unfair.

The Telegraph reports that 75% of those who responded earned more than £50K.

What does this survey tell us?

That bankers are out of touch with reality?

Possibly, however for the survey to be meaningful it would have had to have also been conducted across other professions. I would warrant that many people from many professions, if asked, would complain that they were not paid enough!

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