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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The British Gas 5% Price Cut and Their Price Fixing Scheme

In the wake of EDF's decision to cut prices by 5% (as a result of a fall in wholesale gas prices of 9%), British Gas have followed suit and have cut their prices (electricity not gas) by 5%.


However, those of you with long memories may recall that back in July I wrote the following about British Gas's price fixing scheme:

"Watch out for the nice little rip off they tried on my dear old mum recently.

British Gas offer to fix your prices until 2013.

Good offer? have to pay an extra 5% on top of their new standard tariffs if you wish to fix.

Also, "oddly enough", there is no mention of what happens if prices fall (even if that is unlikely). It seems the hapless customers lock themselves into a fixed price which won't fall if British Gas drop their prices

So my question to British Gas is as follows:

Will the poor saps who signed up to your price fix scheme (at an extra cost of 5%) benefit from your 5% reduction in prices?

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  1. I think their is a watchdog investigation into this but it has not been proved yet. They do tend to follow each other when one puts them up the other do and vice versa