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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rats Leaving The Sinking Ship

Unsurprisingly, given the failure to reach a deal on the Greek haircut, and the abrogation by the Greek government of responsibility for talking with bondholders (the Greeks have passed the buck to the Troika), hedge funds are now scrambling of offload Greek debt.

The New York Times reports:

"Hedge funds that in the past month or so have purchased an estimated 4 billion euros, or $5.2 billion, of beaten down Greek bonds that mature on March 20 are now trying to unload their positions, according to brokers and traders.

That is because it is becoming clear to one and all that Greece — under pressure from its financial backers — is preparing to impose a broad-based haircut that would hit all investors with a loss of 50 percent or more, whether they agree to the deal or not."

Meanwhile, private boindholders are meeting in Paris to determine their next course of action.

The ship is sinking fast, and not all the rats will escape in time!

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