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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Moody's Downgrades Greece

Unsurprisingly Greece has been downgraded by another ratings agency. Moody's has cut Greece's sovereign debt rating to the lowest possible level (from C to Ca).

The Ca rating means that the bonds are classed as being in "default".

Moody's are of the view that there is both a "distressed exchange" and "outright default".

Meanwhile, it is evident that (despite what some may claim and hope), the markets do not believe that the bailout is going to work, Zero Hedge reports the following:

"Nevertheless numerous hedge funds have been accumulating a range of Greek bonds that are governed by foreign law in the hopes of of making a legal challenge."

The media will soon begin to leak details of the actual participation rate, this is very likely to be below the percentage in the hype being spewed forth by the politicians.

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