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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hector Sants Resigns Again

Hector Sants (CEO of the failed, and soon to be defunct, FSA) has finally resigned from office.

He had resigned once before in 2010, and was due to leave in the summer of that year. However, he was persuaded by George Osborne to stay on to become deputy governor of a new regulator due to "go live" in 2013:

"As predicted on this site, George Osborne has sounded the death knell of the ineffectual and inept FSA (ironically, despite its lousy performance, FSA staff were paid nearly £22M in bonuses last year).

Osborne has stated that it will cease to exist in its current form, and a "Consumer Protection and Markets Authority" will be created.

Hector Sants, the CEO of the FSA, will stay to become the new deputy governor and chief executive of the new regulator. That announcement is to be treated with a degree of scepticism. The new body will be considerably less powerful than the FSA, and it is likely that as soon as the transition has occurred Sants will depart (as this in effect a demotion)

As noted, this was in effect a demotion, as the Bank of England's role is to be considerably enhanced. Therefore it is not surprising that Sants has decided to step down this summer, his role in the new Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) body will be taken on by the Bank of England's Andrew Bailey.

Despite persuading him to stay on in 2010, Osborne doesn't seem to have offered official public thanks to Sants for his work.

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