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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bank of England Disconnected From Reality

The Bank of England, in its latest Quarterly Bulletin, has demonstrated that it is somewhat disconnected from reality and displays a mack of understanding of human nature.

In the bulletin, the Bank warns that “saving appears to be too low”:
If current households choose not to pass on those gains to later generations, they may be able to spend more and save less. Future generations, however, will need to save more for their retirement or work longer.”
That is all very well, maybe. However the Bank appears to have forgotten that UK interest rates (0.5%) are at the lowest they have been for years.

Add to that the fact that we are being told that we will have to endure years of austerity and, like it or not, people's reaction will be very human; namely to enjoy the good times (ie spend) whilst they still can.

Economic cycles and people's reactions to them are driven by emotions not logic.

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