Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Playing Politics With People's Lives - Epilogue

The bill allowing the President to raise the US debt ceiling has finally been passed by both houses.

Crisis over?

No, the markets have reacted badly to the fall in US manufacturing and have been less than impressed with the political antics on Capitol Hill.

Whilst the politicians who brought about this crisis may feel smug and self satisfied, they should bear in mind that US creditor nations such as Russia and China will never trust them again to deal with economic issues such as this in a sensible and rational manner.

As such the long term prospects for the US economy, and Dollar as a reserve currency, are bleak; thanks to the selfish indulgences of the politicians on Capitol Hill.

Breaking News

China rating agency Dagong downgrades U.S. to A+ from A

And so it begins!

The politicians were warned!

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