Friday, August 05, 2011

It's The Politicians Stupid!

As markets throughout the world plunge, on fears of another financial crisis, the blame for this can be laid full square at the feet of the politicians.

Those in the US who used the stage of Capitol Hill for their self serving antics over the debt ceiling and the "leaders" of Europe, who have behaved and bickered with crass stupidity, are equally to blame.

José Manuel Barroso, the inept President of the European Commission, publicly warned that Eurozone countries are failing to stop the “contagion” of the debt crisis. All very well, maybe. However, by publicly stating that, he needless to say spooked the markets.

To add to the feeling of panic, Italy publicly stated that China has told it that if the European Central Bank will not buy Italian debt, why should China?

I have to ask, by making this public, what exactly were the Italians thinking?

1 It spooks the market even more

2 It shows that they themselves are desperate, as clearly they are trying to offload their debt to all and sundry.

Add into the melting pot the fact the the "leaders" of Europe recently claimed, with self inflated pride, that they had "solved" the Eurozone crisis and that they had earned their holidays and you have a recipe for disaster.

Take all of the above together, and it is self evident that the blame for the current crisis can be attributed to the politicians. Politicians who clearly do not understand that markets are driven by primal instincts (fear, greed, euphoria and a pack mentality).

Until the politicians actually "get it", the crisis will continue and worsen.

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