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Monday, August 01, 2011

Playing Politics With People's Lives - Deadlock Resolved?

President Barack Obama claims that he has reached an agreement with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders, aimed at ending the US debt deadlock.

He has been on television and claimed victory.

However, there is an enormous caveat.

Reaching agreement with the leaders of both the Democrat and Republican parties does not in itself mean that the "swivel eyed" right or "loony" left factions within Congress will follow their leaders blindly down the path of compromise.

Given that the factions have taken the US, and the world, to the edge of financial chaos it is too early to claim victory for commonsense and compromise.

Ideologues do not give one jot for commonsense, or the needs of those whose who live in the real world.

As Obama warned:

"We are not done yet."

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