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Saturday, June 09, 2007


In the war against on line fraud and id theft, Barclays have announced the launch of PINsentry.

Barclays customers who use their online bank account, to set up payments to new third party accounts, will begin using PINsentry devices in the latter part of this year.

The devices will be used together with the customer's normal debit card and PIN, to authenticate their identity at log in and for making certain payments. This will replace the need for passcodes and memorable words.

Over half a million customers will be automatically sent free PINsentry card readers and instructions by the end of the year, with this number increasing further as more customers are added to the service.

Customers who simply wish to use online banking to view their accounts and pay bills to established payees, will be able to continue to use online banking as normal without the need for PINsentry.

It is a good idea, and unfortunately a necessary one. Quite how long it will take for the fraudsters to find a way around the new controls is not clear.

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