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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Rishi Splashes The Cash in His Corona Busting Budget


Rishi Sunak has splashed the cash in his first Budget (the Corona Busting Budget).

- Whatever the NHS needs it will get
- £6BN for the NHS on top of the above
- £650M for rough sleepers
- NI threshold raised to £9500
- Fuel and booze duties frozen
- Business rates abolished this year fro SME's
- £30Bn Corona fund to manage and mitigate the effects of #COVID19 on people and businesses
- Statutory sick pay available for all who need to self-isolate from day one, even with no symptoms
- Businesses with less than 250 people not liable for sick pay
- Banks to offer instant business interruption loans to SME's with no charge
- £500M hardship fund for vulnerable people
- Self-employed and people on zero hours contracts to get benefits from day one
- £2.5BN pothole fund 
- Tampon tax scrapped etc etc

The magic money tree has been rediscovered, in the form of increased borrowing.
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