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Friday, February 21, 2020

Beware The Coronavirus Container Crunch

Lars Jensen from SeaIntelligence in Copenhagen said the loss of traffic , as a result of the coronavirus shutting down China's ports and container business, is running at 300,000 containers a week.

This will cause a logistical crunch in Europe in early March even if the epidemic is brought under control quickly.

This will lead to shortages and price rises.

Tax Investigation Insurance

Having a Solar Protect Tax Investigation Insurance policy at your disposal means that should you be one of the many 1000's of businesses or individuals that are selected by HMRC each year to look into your tax affairs your own accountant (your tax return agent) can get on and defend you robustly.

You have the peace of mind knowing that your accountants (your tax return agent) fees will be paid by the insurance without any Excess for you to find.

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