Thursday, October 16, 2014

Markets Falling - So What?

The Telegraph reports that more than £46 billion was wiped off the stock market on Wednesday, as the FTSE 100 fell 181 points (2.8%) to 6212.

Other markets around the world are also falling, indeed at one point the Dow Jones fell by 3% overnight.

For why are the market falling?

Fear, greed, profit taking mixed with (according to the Telegraph) the following:

- fears over the stability of the Greek government and its bail-out plans. Hardly new news, and one that would have been factored into the markets many months ago.
- poor retail figures and a slowdown in manufacturing from the US.

- ebola

- the ongoing eurozone crisis


Basically fear and greed as per usual!

The markets will rise again, volatility and market upswings/downswings are how people make money.

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