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Saturday, July 14, 2012

NatWest Update

NatWest issued a further email update (wrt its recent IT problems) to all its customers this morning:
"Dear XXXX,

We're writing to provide you with an update on the technical issues we faced recently.

Where we are now The original issue has now been fixed and it remains our first priority to continue to help our customers. If you incurred fees or charges as a result of this issue, we will arrange a refund and inform you when this will take place. You don't need to do anything as these refunds will be provided automatically.

We're also working with all the main credit reference agencies to ensure that none of our customers' credit ratings will be adversely affected.

What went wrong?

The problem was caused when maintenance on IT systems in Edinburgh disrupted the regular processing of overnight transactions. It took time to resolve this problem, which in turn created a backlog, so many customers' account balances were incorrect between
19 June and 6 July.

What we're doing to make sure this won't happen again

We have commissioned an independent audit to investigate how the problem arose and we will make all the improvements necessary to ensure it doesn't happen again. We will make the findings public when they become available.

Here to help

You can find the latest information, answers to common questions and help to resolve any outstanding queries, including how you can be reimbursed by visiting Help Point, or feel free to go into any of our branches, or call our 24/7 UK call centres free on 0800 656 9639 (minicom: 0800 404 6161).

Thank you again for your patience and for bearing with us. If you have any questions or there's anything you'd like to know, we're always happy to help.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Popple
Managing Director, Retail Banking

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