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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Osborne's Statement on Barclays Fraud

I see that the Treasury state that George Osborne is to make a statement on the Barclays fraudulent manipulation of LIBOR:
The Chancellor will be making a statement to Parliament at around 1215 about the FSA investigation into bank borrowing rates, known as LIBOR"
You will observe that they have politely avoided using the word "fraud".

Whilst the avoidance of the word "fraud" may suit the sensibilities of those in Whitehall I suspect that, once people who owe Barclays money (eg mortgages, personal loans etc) wake up to the fact that the rates that they paid were based on the fraudulent manipulation of LIBOR, the word "fraud" will be liberally peppered across the myriad of class action suits that are bound to arise.

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