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Monday, June 25, 2012

NatWest's Death March To Self Destruction

As we enter day 7 of NatWest's technical meltdown and its death march to self destruction, the hapless and hopeless bank has warned its 17 million customers that the problems may well last for a few more days.

Neither the customers nor the financial regulators are particularity impressed with NatWest's handling of this. Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the Commons Treasury select committee, is quoted by the Telegraph:
 “It seems scarcely credible that something like this, which has caused problems for hundreds of thousands of people, could have gone on for so long. No doubt the committee will want a full explanation.” 
Still there is good news for the shareholders. The glitch has meant that the capital reserves of NatWest have been boosted and, even better, the bank made some short term profits by providing customers with an 0845 number (ie one that costs the customers money) to ring to complain (NatWest have relented and now provide a free number and will reimburse the costs of the calls).

All in all a shambles by anyone's standards!

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