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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greece Stares Into The Abyss

As the Greek election on the 6th of May approaches, the voters of Greece have been afforded an opportunity to see their future and stare into the abyss (courtesy of the IMF).

Whoever is elected, on the assumption that Greece remains within the Eurozone, the soul destroying austerity that Greece is experiencing is set to be ratcheted up:

- There will be more cuts in social benefits and healthcare.

- There will be cuts in the public sector.

- Wages and pensions will be reduced by 15%.

According to The Slog, the EU are even trying to influence the result of the elections by placing their preferred candidate in pole position to become Prime Minister.

Greece is staring into the abyss, if it chooses to remain in the Eurozone it will be pushed into the abyss. The choice that the Greek people need to make is whether they wish to be pushed into the abyss, or leave the Eurozone of their own accord.

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