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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Six Weeks To Save The Euro

Six weeks is too far away (even if there was a "solution" waiting there for them).

Political timescales and market timescales are out of synch.

Our so called political "elite" are presiding over the shattered wreckage of their "world vision". They are in shock and denial that their world view has been destroyed. As such they are a danger to themselves and a danger to the world economy, as they are attempting to put in place "solutions" for a world vision that no longer exists.

IMO, Germany should leave the Euro and allow those who remain to devalue it to bring their shattered economies back from the dead.

Sadly, because those in charge still cling to the their shattered vision, the reality will be a Greek exit coupled with the PIIGS falling one by one.

In other news, gold fell last week not because of the strength of the dollar (as incorrectly reported in the media) but because news leaked to a few that gold margins were to be increased (news officially only released yesterday).

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