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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Grand Plan To Save The Euro

Here's just a few reasons why the plan to save the Euro won't work:

1 The EU wasted a year dithering etc was in a far better economic position last year to do this.

2 By the time the funding etc is in place, certain banks/countries will have already gone to the wall.

3 The Greek people will not accept the level of austerity required to keep them in the Euro.

4 The politicians are in denial, they won't accept that their view of how the world should work has been shattered.

5 The timing and content of the announcement is a "hail Mary" designed as a stop gap to put a bottom under the markets (form over substance). The markets will see through this, and the relentless pressure to force Greece out will not be abated.

6 The current design of the EU is unsustainable

7 Germany should leave the Euro, and let the PIIGS devalue the Euro to bring the dead economies back to life etc etc.

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