Thursday, June 10, 2010

The "Can't Do" Nation

Faced with looking impotent, as a result of not mobilising any of the USA's considerable military or civilian resources to help staunch the ongoing oil spill, Barack Obama has resorted to shrill attacks on BP and the CEO of BP (Tony Hayward).

Unsurprisingly BP's share price continues to tumble, falling a further 10% today.

Doubtless it is very easy to try to pass the buck to what the US keeps claiming is a British company.

However, the States would do well to remember that the part of BP that is handling the spill is in fact American. It would also do well to remember that several other companies, including Halliburton (a US company with links to Cheney and Bush), were also involved.

What goes around comes around.


  1. John B Stryge10:24 AM

    How many people have died from this spill? How many died in Bhopal? Has Union Carbide/Dow Chemical paid any shareholder dividends while the people of Bhopal still suffer the effects? Did the US government lean on India to accept a derisory, inadequate offer to buy out the company's responsibility? Did the US government get the CEO out of India and protect him from extradition and trial? Do ganders need the same sauce as geese?

  2. I suspect Saint Barrack of Obama is trying to appear macho in an attempt to improve his popularity at home.....He is a sun tanned Mr Blair and like Mr Blair, he is more popular overseas than in his own country.

    Within the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico, The USA very much calls the shots; it is required to follow their safety rules and working practices, you must use American crews etc etc

    The only good thing as far as I can see is that,Saint Barrack of Obama will only serve one term however, it is amazing how much damage one man can do in five years. Let's hope with all the British bashing from the president, we back off a little from our position of America's poodle/the specail relationship and won't allow ourselves to be dragged into other illegal conflicts which we can't hope to win nor any that endangers our citizens, both at home and around the world.