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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Big Freeze

As if the long and snow bound winter has not been enough, Gordon Brown (keen to show that he can make decisions) has decreed that another freeze is on its way.

This time it relates to a £3BN public sector pay freeze on the pay of top civil servants, judges, generals and doctors.

He seems to have forgotten that he is no longer Chancellor, and that the "privilege" of setting public sector budgets rest with the Chancellor.

Given the fact that Brown and his acolytes have bankrupted the country, £3BN is but a drop in the ocean

Were he really serious about saving public money, he would impose a heavy does of reality on councils and other members of the public sector who have defined benefit (final salary) pension schemes. The private sector has long since recognised that these are unsupportable.

However, Brown knows that he employs at least 5% of the electorate; to upset them before the election would be political folly.

Whoever wins the election will of course need to address the issue of public sector pensions, the pain will come later.

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