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Friday, October 30, 2009

Brown's Clunking Fist Caused The Financial Meltdown

It would appear, from extracts of memoirs published about the dying days of Lehman Brothers, that aside from the US Administration pulling the plug on Lehman (the collapse of which then caused the meltdown of the global financial system) our dithering Prime Minister had a hand in it too.

Seemingly Barclays was on the cusp of sealing the deal, subject to approval from the UK government.

At the eleventh hour, out of the blue, Darling (having spoken to Brown) refused to give permission, despite being warned by the US that Lehman collapsing would cause global financial meltdown.

Is it not ironic that Brown, who claims to have saved the UK from even worse economic turmoil, is in fact more than partially responsible for causing the crisis in the first place?

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