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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reality Bites

The government and councils are finally waking up to the burden that they have imposed on the taxpayer, wrt the burgeoning public sector and its defined benefit pension schemes.

It seems that millions of public sector workers will face having their pensions reduced, as politicians battle to save the public sector from financial meltdown and avoid a middle class tax revolt.

The Times reports that John Denham, the Communities Secretary, is drawing up plans to downsize the public sector pensions which face a shortfall of at least £60BN.

The Department for Communities and Local Government, keen to avoid a winter of strife, have said that it would ensure that council pensions were fair, solvent and affordable.

The reality is that whatever the promises made, the current level of pension benefits for the public sector is unsustainable and cuts will be made.

The public sector workers will not react well to the cuts, and the country will be in for a very rocky ride as the industrial action taken will doubtless mirror that of the dying days of the last Labour government in 1979.

Funny how history repeats itself!

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