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Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Last Post

I see that there is more trouble for the beleaguered Royal Mail, as over 25,000 postal workers strike this this weekend in an ongoing row over pay and jobs.

The Times notes that in 2007, 60% of days lost in the whole UK economy through industrial action were accounted for by Royal Mail strike action.

Doubtless "the brothers" feel suitably empowered at being able to exercise their right to strike. However, they may care to consider this during their days of self imposed leisure:

1 The Royal Mail is in financial difficulties, and cannot be maintained for much longer in its present shape and form (whatever the Queen may wish).

2 There are many ways to communicate these days, outwith sending a letter (eg, email, phone, fax etc). The strike will simply push customers to seek alternatives to "snail mail".

3 There are other companies that provide a fast reliable delivery service for parcels, packages and letters. Customers will simply use these, if the Royal Mail workers continue to act up.

4 Britain is facing its worst recession for decades. Striking now is idiotic, to say the least.

The Royal Mail will be a shadow of its former self within the next 3 years, helped on its way by its own staff.

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