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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Price of The Metronet Failure

Gordon Brown has not escaped quite so cleanly, as he may have hoped, from the Metronet debacle.

Transport for London (TfL) has promised to stump up £750M to prevent the "meltdown" of London's primitive and shameful tube system, following on from yesterday's announcement by Metronet that they have placed themselves into administration.

Alan Bloom, an insolvency expert from Ernst & Young, has promised the hapless commuters of London who endure on a daily basis the third world tube system that he had an "overriding obligation" to ensure that the tube network does not grind to a halt.

Well, he would say that wouldn't he?

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, to his credit had resolutely opposed the PPP Metronet scheme. However, he was bulldozed out of the way by the "big clunking fist" aka Gordon Brown.

Chickens now are coming very firmly home to roost; and the Mayor has warned that the refitting of over 100 tube stations might have to be pushed back years, in favour of a multibillion-pound overhaul of the underground's signalling systems that Metronet was due to carry out.

Mayor Livingstone said that London now faced a "difficult period", while TfL tried to handle Metronet and "the clunking fist's" legacy of a £2BN cost overrun, a lending freeze from its banks and question marks over who inherits its two PPP contracts.

One has to ask some blindingly obvious questions:

1 How were things allowed to get to this stage in the first place?

2 Was no one overseeing this fiasco?

3 Who will be held to account?

4 What has the clunking fist got to say for himself now?

Needless to say, it will be the long suffering taxpayer who gets saddled with another one of this government's financial foul ups.

Tim O'Toole, a senior TfL executive and head of London Underground, said that he expected the taxpayer to plug any financial gaps left by the Metronet intervention.

"This will feed in with the larger discussion with the government about the funding of TfL and transport in London."


The cash bung of £750M will be enough to cover Metronet's funding gap until the end of this year; after that...who knows?

By the way, the reason the clunking fist imposed PPP contract was to transfer the financial risk of managing public sector assets to the private sector.

Yes, you did read that correctly!

It would seem that the risk has been very speedily transferred back, which would indicate that PPP contracts are not worth the paper that they are printed on.

Well done Metronet and the clunking fist.

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