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Friday, September 14, 2018

Carney Crashes The Property Market

It used to be said that the governor of the Bank of England could correct irresponsible behaviour in the City with a discrete raise of his eyebrows.

Mark Carney has eschewed the twitching of eyebrows by blasting out his doomsday fears with a foghorn, or more accurately, by telling the Cabinet (which is leakier than the Titanic) that in the event of a no deal Brexit property prices will collapse by 35% in three years.

All very well and "cautious" maybe, if the comments had remained private. However, as he well knew, they would leak (and leak they did). Thus in the space of a few hours, Carney has crashed the property market and with it the British economy.

The Treasury has made much of the fact that Carney has been persuaded to stay on until 2020, in order to "steady the ship". Yet here is is deliberately trying to sink the ship with project Fear II.

This man should be removed from office ASAP, as he is trying to force his personal political agenda down our throats!

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