Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Back To The Future - EU May Revert To Single Market

Oh irony of irony, the EU is finally waking up to the fact that the best way to survive may in fact be to revert to its past; namely to become a single market (what once was called the "Common Market").

Why and how? 

In a scenario where the EU27 cannot agree to do more in many policy areas, it increasingly focuses on deepening certain key aspects of the single market. There is no shared resolve to work more together in areas such as migration, security or defence. 

As a result, the EU27 does not step up its work in most policy domains. Cooperation on new issues of common concern is often managed bilaterally. The EU27 also significantly reduces regulatory burden by withdrawing two existing pieces of legislation for every new initiative proposed. 

By 2025, this means: 

The functioning of the single market becomes the main "raison d'ĂȘtre" of the EU27. Further progress depends on the capacity to agree related policies and standards. This proves easier for the free movement of capital and of goods, which continues tariff - free, than it does in other areas."
This revelation on the road to Damascus comes in whitepaper on the future of Europe, published by the European Commission and signed off by Juncker.

Needless to say, Juncker and his ilk want full steam ahead to full political and monetary union. However, that simply won't happen.

In reality, the EU will be lucky to survive even as a "Common Market"!

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