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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Greek Master Class On How To Win Friends and Influence People

1 Join the eurozone by fiddling the books.

2 Borrow an exorbitant amount of money from people, which you know you can't pay back.

3 Don't bother collecting taxes.

4 Blame everyone else for your predicament.

5 Claim an exorbitant amount in war reparations from one of your fellow eurozone members.

6 Miss all deadlines.

7 Publicly slag off fellow eurozone members, especially Germany.

8 Put together a slapdash list of half baked "reform" measures in Greek. but not in any other eurozone language.

9 Threaten to write off "illegal" debt.

10 Threaten to default and call an election if the your creditors don't come to terms with you.

Job done!

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