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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

IMF Loses Patience With Eurozone

The IMF has warned that the Eurozone still poses the greatest threat to global financial stability, and has urged the Eurozone to "do whatever it takes" to protect the Euro.

All very nice, maybe, but experience has shown that the politicians and bureaucrats of the Eurozone are not capable of decisive action. Hence the fact that the IMF in the report issued the warning that the lack of decisive action by European governments and institutions risked tearing the Eurozone apart:
"Incremental policy making has been insufficient to fully allay market tensions, despite the recent market rally since end July.

Merely muddling through imposes increasingly higher costs, as the unchecked forces of fragmentation continue to gather speed and undermine the very foundations of the union – a common monetary policy, and economic and financial integration....

The existing strains in the markets require a leap to better policies if the euro area is to stabilise funding markets and reduce spreads, arrest capital flight, and begin to reintegrate financially."
The advice is sound, and the warning valid. However, the leaders and bureaucrats of the Eurozone are simply not up to the job; as the millions who are unemployed and living in poverty in the Eurozone can attest to.

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