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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Euro Burnout

The hapless citizens of the Eurozone who feel that they are forever condemned to a lifetime of austerity and recession until their political masters finally admit that the Euro (in its current form) is destined to fail, may be forgiven for thinking that no Eurocrat understands what they are going through.

Step forward the very empathetic folks at the ECB.

For they too are suffering from "Euroburnout".

According to Welt Online the burnout amongst ECB staff trying to cope with the Euro crisis is a "serious potential operational risk for the ECB".

The "good" news for the staff of the ECB and the citizens of the Eurozone is that 40 new jobs will be created within the ECB to address this issue.


Admittedly 40 new jobs is but a gnat's piss against the millions of jobs destroyed by the Eurocrisis, but a job's a job!

The bad news is that these jobs won't be created until 2013, by which time the Euro and the Eurozone economy will have all but collapsed.

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