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Friday, July 01, 2011

IDS Backing Britain

Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has called for business leaders to take on young people coming off welfare and "not just fall back on labour from abroad".

That's all very well, and all very patriotic. However, it ignores the elephant in the room concerning the quality of British youth.

The Telegraph quotes The Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, David Frost, who said business leaders knew there was a problem with youth unemployment but they could not afford to ignore cheaper skilled foreign workers.

He said businesses expected "young people to come forward to them who are able to read, write, communicate and have a strong work ethic and too often that's not the case.

There's a stream of highly able eastern European migrants who are able to take those jobs and that's why they're taking them on.

They are skilled, they speak good English and, more importantly, they want to work.

IDS has also ignored another issue, namely the fact that membership of the EU (in theory) entitles British people to move freely around Europe looking for work and vice versa.

Is he calling for us to leave the EU?

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