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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Mervyn King Under Pressure

Mervyn King, Governor of The Bank of England, is the latest prominent figure to be embarrassed by the Wikileaks saga.

A cable sent by Louis Susman (US Ambassador) to Hillary Clinton in February 2010 summarises Mr King's views about David Cameron and George Osborne, expressed during meeting that he held with the ambassador.

The Governor opined that Cameron and Osborne "had a tendency to think about issues only in terms of politics, and how they might affect Tory electorability", and was worried about their lack of experience.

There are some who are now calling for King's resignation, citing his alleged "thirst for power". Quite why a private conversation with the US ambassador, albeit embarrassing now that it is leaked, should force him to resign is beyond me.

I suspect those who are making this call are doing so based on their personal dislike of the man, rather than on any specific "offence" and alleged "breach of neutrality" that they claim that he has made.

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