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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Beware The Hype of The Double Dipper

There are fears, being stoked by the media, that Britain may be heading for a double dip recession.

The service sector, that accounts for the bulk of Britain's economic output, showed that its growth fell to its slowest since the end of the recession last year.

The blame is being laid at the feet of the government, for cancelling public sector contracts.

All very well, but the size of the public sector debt and the fact that certain service sector companies were milking the government for every penny that they could get over many years is reason enough for the government to call a halt to the free for all.

The reality is that the UK has relied for far too long on the public sector to prop up the economy.

Economies cannot survive forever by merely passing one bundle of money from one part of the economy to the other, money must be earned from productive industries and services that sell outside the economy.

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