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Friday, July 30, 2010

Goldman Sachs Bans Swearing

Goldman Sachs, known by some as the "giant blood sucking squid", has issued a rather bizarre directive to employees banning them from swearing in internal emails.

Employees emails will be censored, and unacceptable words removed. Employees are also banned from using swear words with asterisks and shorthand for expletives.

Is this due to a sudden twinge of morality?

Goldman Sachs have been highly embarrassed by the release of emails, during investigations into the bank's conduct, that contained a fair number of swear words.

Given human nature, and particularly the aggressive nature of those who work for Goldman Sachs, I doubt that this ruling will have much effect. Their staff will find ways around it.

I suspect that the next release of emails from Goldmans (if there is one) will doubtless emulate the Nixon tape transcripts "expletive deleted", which is just as bad.

I would suggest that they devote their energies, and morality, to more pressing matters.

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