Thursday, April 01, 2010

No More Boom and Bust?

Those of you with long memories may recall some years ago the then Chancellor, Gordon Brown, boasting in parliament that there would be "no return to boom and bust".

However, politicians' promises are as fleeting as the early morning dew. Following on the from the worst recession in decades, the CIPS/Markit manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) rose to 57.2 in March (from 56.5 in February). This is the highest level since October 1994.

Additionally, the Post Office is set to offer "super sized" mortgages to people with only a 10% deposit; thus hoping to end the loan drought that has held back the housing market.

However, those of you who fear a boom should take comfort in the fact that the TUC has promised months of industrial unrest. This will guarantee that any boom will be short lived, as the "brothers" seek to push the economy back into the economic doldrums.

In retrospect maybe Brown was right, there will be no return to boom and bust; we seem to be condemned to live in a permanent state of "bust".

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