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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The PPI Rip Off

The financial services industry doesn't seem to yet get the point that its reputation is in tatters; not just because of the recession brought about by the greed and stupidity of the banks, but because of a number of issues over the years that impugn its integrity and honesty eg endowment misselling, payment protection insurance (PPI), bank charges, debt collection, credit agreements etc.

Not content with having already severely tarnished its reputation wrt PPI, the insurance industry is seeking to further gouge its own self inflicted wounds by increasing the cost of PPI policies and reducing the actual cover provided.

The Times reports that millions are facing a 50% rise in the cost of PPI cover. Indeed the cost of some PPI policies has already increased by 170% over the last year. The Post Office has written to its PPI customers warning them that it plans to cut the maximum payment in the event of redundancy, and double the cost of some premiums.

Those who clamour for greater regulation of the financial services industry should remain calm, the addiction of those in the industry to destroying their own reputations will ensure that there will be very little remaining of the UK's financial services industry to regulate in ten years time.

By then people will have finally woken up to the fact that they have been ripped off on a continual basis, and will simply resort to putting their money under their mattresses as their grandparents used to do.

The financial services industry will be the author of its own downfall.

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